Where To Begin
Multi Story | Theatre Workhouse | Dan Bye
Multi Story Theatre Company, Theatre Workhouse and award-winning writer Daniel Bye join forces to create this brilliant, vivid and hilarious new play which asks, “what if the climate changed in North Devon?
Gorilla Circus
Unity is a large-scale, outdoor, circus spectacle that blends audio visual wizardry and a cast of high flying, wire walking aerial acrobatics to explore and reflect on who we are and who we want to be. What kind of society do we want to live in? How do we want to treat each other? and most importantly, is this the best we could have done?
Lucky Pigeon
Debut show from circus theatre company Brainfools. A young business man struggles with the demands of city life, after losing his job he takes his frustrations out on a group of city pigeons. Karma returns on him and the young man finds himself turned into a pigeon! He learns about the playful world of a misunderstood animal.
Tête-bêche is a Netherlands based circus company made up of acrobats Marieke Thijssen, David Mupanda and Wilko Schütz. Exploring the theme of trust through the fusing of movement, acrobatics and diabolo, ‘3+1’ has toured internationally to outdoor festivals and theatres.
Ways of People
Peter Buffery
"Ways of People" is my second solo album, released in August 2021.  Available on all major streaming platforms.
We Don't Talk
Peter Buffery
"We Don't Talk" is my debut solo album, released in August 2020.  Available on all major streaming platforms.
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