Peter Buffery is a Composer and Sound Designer working primarily in theatre. Since graduating with an MA in Collaborative Theatre Production and Design from Guildhall school, he has worked with various companies including Kneehigh, Multi Story Theatre, Beaford, Brainfools, Tete-Beche, Boundless, Hopeful Monster, Kook Ensemble and Gorilla Circus

His versatile practise is rooted in songwriting and computer-based composition. Through sampling and synthesis, Peter creates a rich palette that forms the basis of his work. He is also a vocalist, guitarist, bassist and percussionist, all of which feed into his composition and songwriting. Prior to developing his creative portfolio, Peter worked as a sound engineer in both the live music and theatre industries and so his creative endeavours are bolstered by an extensive knowledge of the technical side of live performance.

Peter’s two solo albums, ‘We Don’t Talk’ and ‘Ways of People’, can be found on all major streaming platforms. 

Peter is a member of the Association of Sound Designers.
Peter is represented by Joseph D'Angelo at The Production Exchange.
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