Multi Story Theatre Company, Theatre Workhouse and award-winning writer Daniel Bye join forces to create this brilliant, vivid and hilarious new play which asks, “what if the climate changed in North Devon?". Commissioned by Beaford, supported by Selladoor Worldwide and funded by Arts Council England, Where To Begin toured North Devon's rural communities during the Autumn of 2022.​​​​​​​
Theatre Workhouse is an association of early career theatre makers based in North Devon. Setup by multi story theatre, the association sought to provide a creative outlet for graduates during COVID. The group shared and explored text, movement and song. Many of these songs became the basis for the musical elements of Where to Begin. As well as these found choral pieces, I composed various songs as either a response to the text or as an offer to stimulate ideas during the creation of the play. One of these songs is ‘Come When Called’.

Written, performed and recorded by Peter Buffery

Sound Design
The sound design was delivered through a combination of Ableton Live and QLab. An episodical production, each scene required something very different. From setting the scene on the moon, to fairytale ambience, to suggesting threat, while remaining in keeping with a set design comprised of woody textures and plants. My general approach was to start with naturalistic samples and warp them in time through Ableton Live effects. The sound design blurred the boundaries between design and composition, often using musical techniques to creates tonal sound effects.

Sound designed by Peter Buffery using Ableton Live

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