Photo by @kasitzjay
Lucky Pigeons | Brain Fools | 2021
Lucky Pigeons is the debut show from circus company, Brain Fools. Supported by Arts Council England, Lucky Pigeons consists of acrobatics, aerial artistry, juggling and vivid storytelling all accompanied by a soundtrack created by Peter Buffery. 
Director / Performer: Finn Burnett Pope; Company Producer / Performer: Toffy Paulweber; Costumer Designer / Performer: Jennifer Wilson; Videographer / Performer: Hannah Everett; Set Design / Performer: Brett Tatham Wood; Production Assistant / Performer: Sophie Earl; Assistant Director / Performer: Edu Martinez; Composer / Sound Designer: Peter Buffery
With support from:
Split Second: Producing Mentor; Sean Kempton: Directing Mentor; Arthur Parson: Acrobatics Coach; Tete Beche Trio: Group Acrobatics mentor; Jackons Lane: Venue and Business Mentor; National Centre for Circus Arts: Rehearsal Space; The Fish Island Circus: In Kind Support; Arts Council England: Funding
Photo by Peter Buffery
Unity | Gorilla Circus | 2021
Unity is a large outdoor circus show. It was originally commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival, however due to COVID, the 2021 festival was cancelled. The performance went ahead at Great Yarmouth's Out There Festival instead. Unity is a politically driven reflection on societies response to the COVID pandemic. 'Is this the best we could have done? Is this who we want to be?'
Director: Ezra Trigg; Lighting Designer: Craig West; Composer/Sound Designer: Peter Buffery; Poet: Ellis Howard; Performers: Delia Ceruti, Ellis Grover, Ophelia Atkinson, Kelsey Bell, Ilya Varty
Photo by Peter Buffery
Beauty and The Beast | Multi Story Theatre Company | 2020
In late 2020, Peter worked with Multi Story Theatre and Beaford to create a production of Beauty and the Beast to be toured to village halls in North Devon. This tour took place during the COVID19 pandemic and so strict socially distanced rules were were put in place and adhered to. The production encouraged safe audience participation but through actions as opposed to words, in order to create a festive, community spirit. Peter designed the sound in surround to enhance the feeling that everyone was within something, together.
Directors/Performers: Gill Nathanson and Bill Buffery; Designer: Natalia Riga; Sound Designer: Peter Buffery
Provok'd | Guildhall School | 2019
As a group of actors come together to rehearse period scenes, a rising sense of anarchy bubbles up as they question which stories deserve to be retold. Restoration Comedy collides with original rap and hip hop, challenging the parallels between a vicious and vibrant moment in theatrical history and a contemporary questioning of sexuality, gender politics and race. This original drama production is written and devised by The Company of Guildhall School
Director: Jamie Bradley; Designer: Jess Curtis; Associate Director and Choreographer: Vicki Igbokwe; Sound Designer: Peter Buffery
Photo by Peter Buffery
Journey | MA CTPD Guildhall School | 2019
'Journey' was devised in collaboration with students from the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing, directed by Jo McInnes and Chris Kelham. The production used the innovation of each performer to bring together fragments of intimate memory and personal story inspired by the ancient Chinese legend The Monkey King - Journey to the West. 
Peter Buffery designed the sound. Through live looping and clip launching, Peter was an interactive participant in the devising process.
Photo by Sophie Goodman
London | MA CTPD Guildhall School ​​​​​​​| 2019
'London' was devised by Guildhall School's MA Collaborative Theatre Production and Design students, at the Centre de Création in collaboration with four professional circus performers, inspired by what might have happened if William Blake had collaborated with Phillip Astley. The performance was divided into four main sections, driven by the narratives of a selection of Blake's poems.
Peter Buffery created the soundtrack.
Photo by Peter Buffery
What the Storm Brought | MA CTPD Guildhall School ​​​​​​​| 2019
"What the Storm Brought" was a suitcase puppet show created by Guildhall School's MA Collaborative Theatre Production and Design, class of 2019. Peter Buffery composed the music. The production was toured to various family friendly locations in the city of London. 
Photo by Sophie Goodman
Iphigenia | MA CTPD Guildhall School ​​​​​​​| 2018
From a starting point of 'The Rite of Spring', the creative team explored themes of sacrifice, comparing this with other existing literature to create a multi-media installation with live performance, that follows Iphigenia's emotional journey to accepting her fate.
Peter Buffery designed a surround soundtrack that narrated this journey, through synthesis, sampling and composition techniques.
Photo by Paul White
Beowulf | Autojeu Theatre | 2015
An epic that inspired mans fascination with telling tales, entertaining over a campfire and captivating the imagination. Autojeu Theatre bring to life one of history’s oldest and famous tales.
Beowulf, the hero of the Geats comes to the aid of the King of the Danes in a heroic epic that will live on forever. We follow Beowulf on his 50 year journey from young warrior to revered King. See him stride, swim, fight and flounder in this physical, musical, stand-up tale.
Peter Buffery creates the soundtrack live through song, Ableton and synthesisers.